plan 9.

glenda, the bunny mascot for plan 9.

I run the 9front fork of the Plan 9 operating system on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I've also run it on a Lenovo ThinkPad X220, but that machine has since been swapped over to the haiku operating system. These are my notes, mostly specific to 9front, although some are certainly relevant for vanilla Plan 9.

9front on a raspberry pi 3b+

The Plan 9 Foundation was recently granted ownership of the original Plan 9 source code and released it under the MIT license.



use ssh.


A colloborative Plan 9 computing environment. You'll need the gridstart rc script to connect. See also: sigrid's description of 9grid.

9fs griddisk
cd /n/griddisk

sigrid also wrote a 9gridchat program that you can use to connect to 9gridchat from other UNIX-like operating systems.

change screen resolution.

@{rfork n;
aux/vga -m vesa -l 1920x1080x32}

update system.

# create any missing directories
# needed for the build
cd /
. /sys/lib/rootstub

# build everything
cd /sys/src
mk install
mk clean

# build manpage indices
cd /sys/man

# build the papers and html
# (optional)
cd /sys/doc
mk html

See also: